Fachim, Returned From India

My friend, Fachim had just returned from his long years of study in India. He studied software engineering there. And now he works in an Banking IT company and produced a Banking Software, called SERA. It is a mobile banking application used as a biller and automatic teller.

In the beginning, Fachim has no knowledge about India--language and its culture. He determined to stay and study there because of the reputation of this country on IT matters. You probably know who the founding father of hotmail.com was? He was an Indian. As the result, Fachim must learn some of Indian language. But the result was not satisfying.

In order to follow his University lesson, he must use India translation service to translate his college text book so that he could understand what is contained within. It was work for him and he can follow any lecture held in his major.

As the time goes, he learns little by little to speak India fluently. Friends and landlord was very helpful to him so he can speak Indian almost without broken language, now. He also can translate his text book and get rid the India Translation Service he used to hire.

And now, he Graduated and work in the local IT Company as a Software Engineer. No need India Translation for him to do his job since English in the main language used.

I am very proud of him for he is one of my best friends.

I want to meet him soon, because I have never met him since he gone to India three years ago.

And talk about old time, Fachim ever told me that he would like to run his own business from home selling furniture like his father was. I think he could reach that dream and do his other job along the way.

OK Fachim, way to go dude.