When I met my old friend.

In the shiny bright Tuesday I met my old friend, Dayat, almost incidentally. Smiling he greeted me and asking, “Hey Rian, it’s been along time we never met!”

As glad as he was I replied, “Yea, it’s been along time. I have a job to do so I can’t see you recently.”

“Good for you!” Dayat said.

“By the way, where are you heading to? Seems that you are busy right now,” I asked.

“Oh, not so very busy, I just planned to see my event organizer to follow up what we have been discussed this couple weeks,” said Dayat while he fix his glass.

“Event organizer? I bet that the event you plan to conduct is going to huge. What is it?”

“Yes, I am planning to conduct a trade show. I will gather nation wide wedding service for a full week,” said Dayat again.

“Wow, it must be fun to do such thing. By the way what event organizer are you using right now? May be I can five you some suggestion, “I asked Dayat.

“O, I use Enamata, a small 6-man event organizer to conduct this trade show. And I use another contractor to provide my trade show participant with appliance such as table skirt, banner stand, and pipe and drap. For that all thing I use CamelBack Display as my contractor.”

“Oh yea, I heard they are specialist on that thing. I believe you will make the most using of their service.”

“Yea, I hope so,” said Dayat.

“Look Rian, I really have to go now. I need to see my event organizer on time as I have another important meeting too this day. What if you come by to my house this evening and we can get a good chat around there while having a tea. How is that?”

“Cool, I have no agenda this evening. I can make it to your house.”

“OK, See you!”

“See you!”

Fachim, Returned From India

My friend, Fachim had just returned from his long years of study in India. He studied software engineering there. And now he works in an Banking IT company and produced a Banking Software, called SERA. It is a mobile banking application used as a biller and automatic teller.

In the beginning, Fachim has no knowledge about India--language and its culture. He determined to stay and study there because of the reputation of this country on IT matters. You probably know who the founding father of hotmail.com was? He was an Indian. As the result, Fachim must learn some of Indian language. But the result was not satisfying.

In order to follow his University lesson, he must use India translation service to translate his college text book so that he could understand what is contained within. It was work for him and he can follow any lecture held in his major.

As the time goes, he learns little by little to speak India fluently. Friends and landlord was very helpful to him so he can speak Indian almost without broken language, now. He also can translate his text book and get rid the India Translation Service he used to hire.

And now, he Graduated and work in the local IT Company as a Software Engineer. No need India Translation for him to do his job since English in the main language used.

I am very proud of him for he is one of my best friends.

I want to meet him soon, because I have never met him since he gone to India three years ago.

And talk about old time, Fachim ever told me that he would like to run his own business from home selling furniture like his father was. I think he could reach that dream and do his other job along the way.

OK Fachim, way to go dude.

Mr. Fire Featured on Big IDEA

Recently, Joe Vitale a.k.a MR. Fire was featured on Big IDEA television program with Donny Deustch. On that show Joe Vitale spoke about counter-intention or hidden believe that lies inside our sub conscious.

The video is a 5 minute version of Joe’s The Attractor Factor, and goes through his five steps of manifestation:

Step 1 - Know What You Don’t Want

Step 2 - Set Your Intention and Stop Complaining

Step 3 - Get Clear

Step 4 - Feel What It Would Be Like to Reach Your Goal

Step 5 - Let Go and Take Inspired Action

It’s also very cool that he mentions A Complaint Free World in the video

Are You Using Google AdWords to Build Your List?

If you have been around the Internet Marketing circuit for a while, I'm sure you understand the importance of building a targeted list of subscribers and customers that you can build relationships with.

When building your list, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the kind of traffic you are driving to your website.

Ideally, the traffic you get coming to your site should be extremely targeted visitors.

Not only that, but it's always more effective if these visitors pro-actively sought you out by searching for specific information offered on your website.

This is because anyone can send out an email, or ask a partner or colleague to send out an email to another list, and ask someone to check out your website.

But if someone took it upon themselves to search for a solution to a problem they are experiencing, they would be that much more likely to give you their name and email address in exchange for that information.

How would you be able to do that?

The fact of the matter is that the answer could very well be right under your nose the entire time!

I'm sure you've heard of Google.com. You may have even used it in your marketing.

Did you know that there are 1000s of advertisers who are taking advantage of Google's 200 million plus daily traffic?

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And you can do it too...

You see, Google AdWords is one of the most affordable ways to build a large list of targeted subscribers instantly and easily.

And when you take these visitors, who searched on the keywords that you selected and clicked on the ad that you wrote, and show them a solution to a problem that they are clearly searching for...

...You're bringing in high quality prospects who are going to love hearing from you!

So if you're ready to change the way you're doing business online, be sure to start using Google AdWords to build a targeted list today.

How To Protect Your Income

Until this very moment we have talked about how to find and to create sources of income for our life. We already discussed the subject of how to make money with so many ways provided, from material and spiritual point of view.

Most of people make money work for other people. Another become entrepreneur and some big part of the mass work themselves or become an independent contractor.

For almost all of us it could happen if he is 'Complete' in the sense of mind and body part. What if suddenly you become unable to go to work because you experienced car accident for example?

How could you sustain your stream of income?

How could you make a living for your family?

It would be hard to be done, of course.

Fortunately, world has created an instrument which could help people who experience unfortunate like that, it is named disability insurance.

Disability Insurance make it possible for people with disability to work to have steady stream of income to their life. In other word his income is safe and protected well.

So, how you could protect your income if in any time you experiencing disability problem in your life?

The answer could not be less than disability insurance.

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Thank you.