When I met my old friend.

In the shiny bright Tuesday I met my old friend, Dayat, almost incidentally. Smiling he greeted me and asking, “Hey Rian, it’s been along time we never met!”

As glad as he was I replied, “Yea, it’s been along time. I have a job to do so I can’t see you recently.”

“Good for you!” Dayat said.

“By the way, where are you heading to? Seems that you are busy right now,” I asked.

“Oh, not so very busy, I just planned to see my event organizer to follow up what we have been discussed this couple weeks,” said Dayat while he fix his glass.

“Event organizer? I bet that the event you plan to conduct is going to huge. What is it?”

“Yes, I am planning to conduct a trade show. I will gather nation wide wedding service for a full week,” said Dayat again.

“Wow, it must be fun to do such thing. By the way what event organizer are you using right now? May be I can five you some suggestion, “I asked Dayat.

“O, I use Enamata, a small 6-man event organizer to conduct this trade show. And I use another contractor to provide my trade show participant with appliance such as table skirt, banner stand, and pipe and drap. For that all thing I use CamelBack Display as my contractor.”

“Oh yea, I heard they are specialist on that thing. I believe you will make the most using of their service.”

“Yea, I hope so,” said Dayat.

“Look Rian, I really have to go now. I need to see my event organizer on time as I have another important meeting too this day. What if you come by to my house this evening and we can get a good chat around there while having a tea. How is that?”

“Cool, I have no agenda this evening. I can make it to your house.”

“OK, See you!”

“See you!”

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